Urban sports are undoubtedly the work of enthusiasts only.  Most urban sports do not even feature any winner or loser. Moreover, what urban sports cause? You go for them to make cash or get entertainment, and even for checking your limits. But here, the trouble arises as they can be incredibly harmful too. You may violate the laws while doing urban sports, and they will make you arrested. So you need to be careful when playing urban sports. 

Urban sports that will violate laws

 Here is the list of urban sports that can make you go to jail for law violations. 

The sports include:


You must have heard of skateboarding, and it is not a crime. Different countries offer various laws regarding skateboarding. In some public areas, skateboarding may be banned, and its violation may cause problems for you.


It is also an adventurous urban sport. It is about going from one point to another, irrespective of the hardships that may come in the way. Well, parkour is not an illegal act, but only if you are doing it on private property. In local areas, it may be prohibited.


Buildering is urban climbing allowing the workers to climb the building sides. However, this is no doubt the most high-level climbing. It is a violation of law in many countries to do buildings that may be dangerous for you.

Drag racing

People often practice drag racing late at night on roads or streets, and even on highways. However, drag racing is not legal all over the world. Many countries don’t allow users to practice illegal racing because it can be dangerous for other people and drivers. The law violation can be hazardous to people, and they may get arrested for this act.


People practice urban sports worldwide, but there are a few restrictions on their playing. Here we have explained how urban sports can cause law violations and can be dangerous for you.